The Loving Touch

imagesThe Loving Touch is a holistic form of physical therapy. I believe that the body is the mirror to the soul as well as a map of each and every human being. All of our experiences and potential are stored within it and can be revealed by it.

I believe that your body has something to say.

The Loving Touch helps to reveal your body’s own personal message in the „Here and Now“. The body speaks to me and I listen. Together, we discover your body’s story of passion and repression, of strengths and weaknesses, of joy and pain. By methodically touching and mirroring your body, it is given the opportunity to return to its true nature, refreshed and complete.

Through intensive contact with the body, I investigate its surface, muscle tone and essential core. In this way everything is regarded, felt, and thereby affected. Inquisitively strong and gently affectionate, undivided attention is devoted to each part of you. Your skin, muscles, and spine along with each hair, each fold, and each birthmark are lovingly considered.

The Loving Touch is a mixture of mindfulness and massage, combining the merits of Shiatsu, Thai, Tantra, California massage, Reiki, and Osteopathy. Through this variety of techniques tension is revealed, and through intuitive energy work it is then released. In this way repressed emotions can be set free. Special attention is always given to the face and head as well as the hands and feet.

After intensive work with the body, I am then able to report my discoveries. Often this concentrated and intimate body contact can penetrate deeply and release feelings of grief, or longing as well as gratitude. The work of the Loving Touch supports self healing and awakening, often leading to the expansion of personal truth and the discovery of a clearer vision for life. The Loving Touch is a deeply moving experience and can dramatically increase the quality of your life.

Touch. Fall. Discover yourself in total alignment and healing.

I invite you to The Loving Touch.

The Healing Special

The „Healing Special“ is an „all inclusive“ session.
In a one-on-one session, we clarify deep-seated mental patterns and emotional entanglements, blockages are released and the entire body-mind organism is realigned. The work happens on all levels: body, mind and emotions. The soul level is also included.
When you realize what you’re holding on to and what you’re avoiding, you can become aware of the underlying fear.

Feeling your anxious, hurt, and needy parts softens you, makes your heart wide, and allows you to sink deeper into yourself where strength and wisdom are just waiting to be realized.
The energy that was bound in the resistance is released and can flow again. You can witness how healing happens by itself. More liveliness and a feeling of freedom are the result. Life lives itself, fresh and free, moment by moment, the stories of the past no longer have any power over you.